Wednesday, February 18, 2009

J Signs and Graphic Gorilla

I recently stopped down at J Signs located at 12 Highland ave in Patchogue. I met the Owners Jerome Morello and Craig Casdia, Who told me about all the things J signs can do to Help promote your Business these guys do Store Front Signage, Wide Format Digital Printing,Carved/Gold Leaf Signs,Contour cut decals,Channel Letters,Truck & Boat Lettering, Banners, Magnetic Signs,Window / Door Lettering,Installations, Service, Repairs, Architectural Signage and so much more I could write 5 articles of these guys!

In this articles I'm going to tell you about J signs Vehicle Wraps! The Wraps are done in House at J Signs by Duncan Weir owner of Graphic Gorilla! Now when I got to J signs I had no idea what Vehicle Wraps where, Duncan was more then happy to teach me a little about Wraps.Duncan was working on a Mini Van while I was their placing a wrap on it for a pet care company. Wraps feel almost like a vinyl bumper sticker But of course they are much more state of the art and High tech then that. Duncan had to go to school to learn all about wraps,He also has a Bachelors in fine art,Computer Graphics Specializing in 3-D Graphics. He showed me how the wraps come off in large sheets and then are apply to the Vehicle in pieces and are then heated so they bond to the Vehicle seamlessly. Wraps will stay on till you want to take them off , a wrap can be removed in the future so if you can sell your vehicle one day with out the wrap on it. The paint under the wrap will be as good as the day you placed the wrap on it.

This is just one thing that sets Vehicle Wraps apart from having your Vehicle air brushed! another is the detail of the wraps you get! You can blow up a real photo or have the team at Graphic Gorilla design you up anything from a professional Corporate look to anything your loud and crazy mind can come up with! Vehicle Wraps are not new they have been around a few years and they are huge in California. The quality of wraps has improved greatly over the years and the Wraps that are used at J signs are state of the art.

The average wrap lasts over Five years and if taken care of properly can last up to ten years! I asked Duncan, who are some of the people having their vehicle's wrapped? He told me many Radio Stations and Travel agencies are having it Done,But many Business are realizing as they sit in traffic for 3 or 4 hours a day and hundreds of people are driving by them in each direction, Wraps really make them stand out and catch the eye of those who could potently be clients. Recently their was a study done that said about 30 to 70 thousand people a month see your Vehicle! Vehicles that are wrapped are remembered up to 80% more! Now More people seeing and remembering your Vehicle translates into more money for you and your company!

Now of course there are many people who want to stand out while just cruising around and they are finding they can have wraps made up of everything from insane designs to their favorite Band,Beverage or Hero and put on their vehicle. Duncan also told me that he can wrap just about anything from Motorcycles,Tool box's, to walls in your Home!!!

In my opinion wraps are going to be the next big thing! An average Mini Van costs about $3,700 to Wrap that's an average cost of about $15 a square foot and that price includes 16 hours worth of design time,Printing of the Wrap, The installation of it on your Vehicle and Duncan will also show you how to take care of your Wrap as you never wax it but instead apply a glaze and hand wash it with soap and water. Call Duncan and J Signs at 631-758-0707 to learn more about Vehicle Wraps or check them out on the web at


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